JNTO Madrid (Oficina Nacional de Turismo de Japon)

Con motivo del aumento de viajeros procedentes de España a Japón y el creciente interés de los españoles por el país, el pasado 9 de mayo se inauguró en Madrid la nueva Oficina Nacional de Turismo de Japón (JNTO).
Esta nueva delegación tiene como objetivo promocionar y divulgar los atractivos turísticos de Japón en España.


Japanese rice brand

Bankyu-Bankyu ( Honke Bankyu)
Japanese traditional hotel, food and kimonos
In the mid-12th century, two great clans-the Heike Dynasty and the Genji Dynasty- fought many battles for supremacy. Defeated by the Genjis in 1185, the Heikes fled to this place and decided to settle down. After the source of hot springs was discovered in 1573, “Bankyu Ryokan” (now Honke Bankyu) was established as an inn for visitors taking hot spring cures. Now the 25th-generation descendant of the Heike Dynasty runs Honke Bankyu. In 1994, offspring of the Genji and the Heike buried the hatchet for the first time since the 1185 battle at Heike Villages, located near Bankyu, which is now famous as the land of reconciliation.
 Ginza Okuda   Ginza Okuda offers personalized courses using carefully selected seasonal food for each day


Ginza Kojyu   Ginza Kojyu
Since opening in 2003, many wonderful people have visited.
  Ryugin    Since the opening of RyuGin, he is often invited to give lectures, sharing the techniques in various food academies and expositions throughout Europe, US and finds himself a mission to be the frontrunner to globalize Japanese cuisine and sharing his creativity to colleagues around the world. 
 Kitcho Arashiyama

Restaurante de kaiseki tradicional  del chef  Kunio Tokuoka http://www.kitcho.com/kyoto/shoplist/arashiyama/
 Sakurada   Beber sake en un vaso de bambú no es muy fácil de encontrar, solo aquí, es un sitio peculiar y ante todo original, en el barrio antiguo de Tokio y montado con piezas originales traidas de un restaurante de Kyoto, este es un lugar que te hace olvidar del resto y gozar de unos autenticos pinchos a las brasas....basta con ver el vídeo, hay un trato muy amable, simpatico y orignal.
  Ume no Hana   






Japanese restaurant in Nagoya


Japanese Home Cooking style


 Shopping in Tokyo http://www.kappabashi.or.jp/en/index.html
 Go Tokio

 Temple lodging - Syukubo


 Nihon Rikagaku Industry co.,ltd.  
More than 70% of employees are with intellectual disabilities http://www.rikagaku.co.jp/english/
 Peace House
-Hospice palliative care
 In Peace House which is known as the best institute of terminal care in Japan a lot of nurses provide hospice care to terminally ill patients and their families, and also hosts frequent workshops. The House is composed of more nurses than the patients and more than 100 volunteers. Many musicians and haircut volunteers visit every week to thier library, audio-visual room and music room with a grand piano. The president of Peace House,Mr. Shigeaki Hinohara, 100-year-old, is an active doctor. http://www.peacehouse.jp/facility.html
 After Fukushima  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3sSmLPwj6c 
  Microfinance  by Japanese  Atsumasa Tochisako   -His main activities in Latin America.



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